Zea Marina Piraeus

We are going to visit Selkie Dancer next week. Andy leaves on Wednesday 12th February and I follow on Saturday 15th. He for maintenance and projects, me for personal development – languages!!!

As I write Storm Ciara has hit and Scotland take on the auld enemy at Murrayfield, I cannot bear to watch – far too emotional.

Probably will not be many posts until we set sail in April so until then……………

However if you would like to follow Selkie Dancer’s progress on a map, here is a link

2020 – Selkie Dancer’s Passage – Google My Maps


2 thoughts on “Zea Marina Piraeus

  1. …..wondering how you guys are doing?….whether you did indeeed get the maintenance trip in…..or ‘marooned’ by global health concerns,-even if concomitant varying health restrictions play havoc with plans frequently……Conversely you may be ‘marooned’or should that be ‘landlocked’ at home? and having run out of gardening and home improvements perhaps grinding teeth and getting ‘stir crazy’ for changing horizons with minimal ‘certainties at present (and not even an Ed Fest to distract)…..or have you perhaps just decided to ‘live dangerously’ and have enough contacts round the Aegean and Med to be supplied by safely rendezvous’ing (at appropriate remove) from friendly ‘tenders’ and just keeping afloat and listening to evolving sit.reps. from various national stations ( I did hear mention of improving on languages)…….with an ever expanding repertoire of ‘seafood recipes?

    Stay alert, stay safe and stay well…..I trust the rest of the ‘tribe’ in good health and thriving……….anyway, where (and how) in the world are you ?


    1. Hi William, I have been wondering about you too in this crazy horrible year. I thought 2020 sounded quite a nice year but it has been very odd. Having said that I have actually enjoyed many aspects of lock down. I have loved not having to ‘do’ I have loved being in my garden and doing more in a time when we are not usually able to enjoy it. We have had garden projects and now plums and apples abound as well as brambles down on the dock. Nature goes on and knows what to do despite us!
      Andy went to the boat a couple of weeks ago. I have just got the go ahead for the studio opening and I have put lots in place to keep it safe. I have booked my flight for the beginning of September.
      Talking of Ed Fest I have been watching the Book Festival events online which have been great.
      As for our tribe, they are, as ever in interesting places. Tam is the Military Attache in Belarus, living in Minsk with the family so a particularly fascinating time for him. How frustrating for the people……….they live in quite a scary state. Nick is between Baghdad and Kuwait and has been away since March. Difficult for his wife and kids. We have had the UK based families up to stay.
      How are all of yours? and you?


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